About Us

Services Hub is been a long cherished dream of three young and dynamic engineers who took their entrepreneurial journey independently for a long time and realized they had more to offer as an organization. (in an organized manner.)

Services Hub team brings years of rich experience together to provide consulting solutions in various fields ranging from Software, Technology, Packaging, Management, Architecture, Food Processing, Warehousing, Solar, Defense etc.,

What makes us stand apart from the rest is our team effort, which helps in integrating various resources from different fields to add more value and reach higher level of achievements for our clients. Integrating resources is a big plus to most of our clients.



The increasing demand for housing in Urban areas is increasing at a steady and consistent rate. The demand for housing is projected to increase further in the coming years and shortage of space in urban area is leading to more multi floor buildings and structures.

We at Services Hub, take pride in desiging space to meet client requirements. Our team as experienced professionals who have designed plans to built independent houses, Villas, Apartments, Office Space and Commercial buildings. What makes us stand apart from the rest is that we emphasize on designing houses that not only meet the client space requirement but are also asthetically be`autiful. All our designs are as per Vaasthu.

We specialize in designing houses which are comfortable to live with plenty of space to cater to different requirements of the family members. Further we can also help you with Strucutural Designing and Supervise the construction activity from time to time to meet design and strucutural requirements.

us a call or email us at info@serviceshub.in to discuss your project with our team.


Design is an important attribute to make things beautiful, usable, understandable, sellable, informative etc.,. Design asa purpose, means a lot in many ways. Design means a lot.

Design presents itself in many ways, a architect trys to fullfil his client needs in a house design, a packaging designer looks for a eye catching packaging design, a web designer wishes to create a logo represents a company in

We at Services Hub, offer logo designing, web designing, Brochure Designing etc.,.


Packaging is an Art, Science and Technology. Packaging acts as the first interaction with the customer. Packaging not only helps in protecting the product, but acts as Silent Sales Person.

Packaging Services We Offer

  • Packaging Design and Development
  • Packaging Consultancy
  • Packaging Material Specification writeup
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Vendor Shortlisting and Audit
  • Packaging Material Testing (at Indian Institute of Packaging and Other Labs)
  • Dangerous Goods Packaging and Certification


Services Hub brings in extensive experience in the field of software development. The company has closely worked with a number of software companies in India and Abroad to resolve critical issues. Our team of professionals use latest technologies to solve ever growing and demanding problems in Information Technology.

We specialize in software development using scripting languages like Ruby-on-Rails, Python/Jython/Django, Php, Tcl/Tk, Javascript etc.,


Services Hub team of professional corporate trainers have been in the field of Information Technology for more than 10 years. They have been working on real time projects and they bring with them, this rich experience in software development. This experience helps our trainers in conducting professional level Corporate Trainings. We have conducted trainings catering to Entry Level Engineers to Senior Level Engineers in India and abroad. Our trainings are highly appreciated by corporates.

We provide Corporate Trainings in the following languages

  • Python
  • Perl
  • Ruby
  • Java
  •   C 
  • C++
  • C#
  • Tcl/Tk
  • Php
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

and more


Web is the new mantra that is bringing everybody closer. Web is the new space very everyone is spending more time on. Web is connecting people like never before, most of the work is also getting done at our finger tips thanks to world wide web. Everything we need is now available online.

There are litterally many websites which take care of our work, shopping, groceries, food, etc., Everything is now easily accesible online. Constant change in the web isputting pressure on web designers to come up with new and trendy websites.

We at Services Hub use the best of technologies and creativity to create not just websites, but websites which reflect the customer needs. Our websites stand apart from the rest as we bring the latest and best which meet global web standards. Websites are designed keeping in mind the usability and functionality of the end customer.

We can help you design Static Websites, Responsive Websites, Corporate, Business, E-commerce websites etc.,. All our websites are tested on the most popular web browsers and optimized for old and new versions of the browsers.

The increase in usage of mobiles and tablets has shifted web designers to customize and create websites which not only look great on desktop and laptop but also on mobiles and tablets. We design websites which look equally good on mobiles and tablets. All websites are responsive.

Please call us or email us your requirements at info@serviceshub.in


Internet is a wide network of connected computers all over the globe. Internet has brought the entire world closer. People are connected to each other like never before. Internet has made life easier for a lot of people. Communication has become a breeze thanks to telecommunication and internet. With an ever increase in internet usage we will need more storage space to store all the data.

We offer Web Hosting services that cater to various needs of individuals, organizations, etailers, ecommerce websites, elearning etc.,. We provide shared and dedicated hosting services running on both windows and linux operating systems. Reach us to enquire about your hosting requirements. Our team will be happy to study and customize packages to suit your requirements.

Also check with our team for domian registration, email packages at discounted prices when you buy our hosting services. Email us at info@serviceshub.in to discuss your project with our team.




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